Prof. Wang Meixia


Wang Meixia, MD in Infectious Diseases, Chief Physician, Associate Professor. Wang Meixia, engaged in clinical, scientific research and teaching of infectious diseases for more than 20 years, started to engage in GCP related management work and served as the head of Phase I clinical trial research lab. The main research directions include first human safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic test of new drugs. As the project leader, Wang Meixia led Beijing You’an Hospital to apply for the American Human Body Research and Protection Project Certification (AAHRPP) and obtained the highest level of certification that is Full Accreditation in June 2011, becoming the first hospital in China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) to obtain the certification.

As the site visitor of AAHRPP, Wang Meixia has completed on-site inspections of two institutions in China and South Korea respectively.

Social Titles:
1. Chairman of the Medical Ethics Review Branch of Beijing Medical Ethics Society;
2. Science and Technology Expert at the Expert Database of Investment Evaluation Center of Ministry of Finance;
3. GCP inspector and data verification expert of the State Drug Administration;
4. AAHRPP certified on-site inspector;
5. Deputy Chairman of the first committee of the clinical drug evaluation research standard branch affiliated to the clinical drug evaluation professional committee of China Medical Education Association;
6. Memberof the Second Clinical Pharmacology Professional Committee of Beijing Pharmacological Society;
7. Auditor of Research Ethics Review System of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies;
8. Member of the Drug Safety Evaluation Professional Committee of the 16th Council of Beijing Pharmaceutical Association;
9. Member of the Clinical Ethics Group of the Medical Ethics Branch of Chinese Medical Association;
10. Standing Committee Member of the First Committee of the Clinical Drug Evaluation Professional Committee of China Medical Education Association;
11. Member of the Chinese Human Trial Rights Protection Group of the Second Drug Clinical Evaluation and Research Committee of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association;
12. Auditor of Research Ethics Review System of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies;
13. Member of the First Committee of Ethics Research on Drug Clinical Trials of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association;
14. Member of the Standing Committee of the First Clinical Research Professional Committee of Beijing Cancer Society.

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