Prof. Gernot Marx


Prof. Dr. Gernot Marx, MD, FRCA is full Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine and Chair at the University RWTH Aachen, Germany. He is Head of the Department of Intensive Care Medicine and Intermediate Care at the University Hospital RWTH Aachen. He is chairman of the board of the German Society of Telemedicine. He is full board member of the German Society of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care and full board member of the interdisciplinary German Society of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine. Gernot Marx is coordinator of PCP/PPI EU project THALEA. He is involved in the german initiative of Mecial Informatics as well as EU funded project SMART4Health. Gernot Marx leads the largest German telemedicine project for intensive care and infectiology patients “TELnet@NRW”. His research interest is focused on sepsis, AI and telemedicine.

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